Training and educational sessions are available on a variety of topics. Give your team the tools and information they need to be successful with the clients they serve. All workshops and training sessions are practical, interactive, and built on evidence-based research.

Train Your Team

Informed and knowledgeable staff members are effective and productive staff members. Training sessions can give your team the information they need to serve their clients more successfully. All training sessions are individualized and tailored to meet your team’s particular needs. Some workshops that have been requested before include Applied Behaviour Analysis in the Classroom, Coping with Anxiety, Psychopharmacology, Anger Management and Self-Regulation, and Teaching Social Skills to Children with Autism. Whether you are searching for an introductory workshop or an interactive seminar-style learning experience, you are in the right place.

Motivate Your Team

A breakthrough learning experience can give your team the motivation they need to take their work to the next level. Training sessions are fun, practical, and motivational. Your team can problem-solve around the particular issues they are facing, and be reminded of how important their work truly is. They will leave feeling confident, informed, and inspired.