Consultative service is available to address a particular critical issue. Consultation may be useful for schools, therapy programs, or other professional organizations seeking assistance in supporting a new or challenging client. Families may also request consultative services to get practical, solution-focused advice.

Consultation for Families

Consultation may be helpful for families going through a period of adjustment, crisis, or change. For example, after a child is diagnosed with a disability, a family may request a consultation to get advice on how to set up the home environment to support the child’s needs. Consultation can also be used proactively; for example, to prepare a child for the birth of a sibling or to decide how to inform children about the dissolution of a marriage. If your family has fallen into a pattern that you are not happy with, use consultative service to break the pattern and develop a new one. Many families use this service to address discipline issues or behavioural challenges. If you are dealing with an issue like school refusal, sleep challenges, or blending a new family unit, consultation may be right for you. Have you ever wished you could have your own personal Supernanny? Well, now you can!

Consultation for Academic Issues

Even children who are generally successful in school may struggle at some points during their academic careers. Consultative service can help your child to overcome these challenges. This is tutoring with a twist. Your child is provided with academic support while we work on underlying motivational issues or learning difficulties.

Consultation for Agencies and Schools

Professional programs can also make use of this consultative service. For example, consultative service can help with the adjustment period when a client with special needs enters a new group home. Classrooms have also made use of consultative services to set up a particular teaching program, such as a social skills curriculum. Consultation can be a brief, solution-focused approach to address a particular issue at your organization.

Consultation for Individuals with Autism

The unique and challenging needs and core area of difficulty associated with autism may make consultative service particularly useful. Schools and other educational programs may find one or more consultations useful to get recommendations to create a learning environment that supports the individual with autism. Families living with an individual with autism may request consultative service to get behaviour management support or ideas on how to structure their home life to meet this child’s needs. Other agencies or programs that serve individuals with autism may benefit from consultative service to solve particular behavioural issues, to optimize programming to meet an individual’s needs, or to receive ongoing support for a therapy program.